About Mohit Sharma

Based from Bay Area, California

Sheryl is a fun loving and enjoyable person to be around. She is well-educated and a knowledgeable individual. Sheryl is a graduate from science of nursing and has a set career for herself in Registered Nursing. She holds a strong foundation for herself in her current profession. She loves her job and loves what she does to help save people’s lives. Not only is she a successful career holder but she also has an adventurous side to her. She likes to take on new opportunities that come her way and won’t hesitate to take a step. She is a firm believer for the motto “work hard, play harder”, WHILE being yourself. Sheryl has many interests. Traveling the world and learning about different cultures is what she is passionate about. Her interest in continuous learning is what is so amazing about Sheryl. “Learning about new things helps grow the mind”, says Sheryl. Entertaining others, making people smile and being herself is what she loves. She is a family lover. Loves originality. Believes everyone should be themselves even if society doesn’t believe they should be that way. Is a fashionista, loves to dress up and take pictures in wonderful sceneries. Open to different styling. Loves different hair and makeup styles. Sheryl loves music any type of music. She believes music brings out the soul of others. She sings, lip-syncs, dances and even acts to music for fun. One thing that she really believes is that whatever life changes happen, happen for a reason and should not be looked at in a negative perspective. Sheryl is looking for positive opportunities for any modeling, entertainment, music, fashion and more.

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